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3 Million US Citizens and 70 Million People Globally make up the trans, intersex, and gender nonconforming population.

had to teach their providers about medical care

postponed medical care when sick due to discrimination

were refused care due to trans or gender non-conforming status, with even higher refusal for people of color

Accessing healthcare as a trans person is to take a risk.

A risk of discrimination, a risk of experiencing shame, a risk of not being seen or understood, a risk of experiencing harm and not being cared for.

Our Goal is to Eliminate that risk.

We Crowdsource Ratings, Reviews, and Your Stories

We're building a database of the best providers across dozens of specialties. We currently have Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, and Chiropracters who understand the unique needs of the trans community.

We enable you to search for quality providers.

We are currently building a robust mechanism to search by location, specialty, and of course, ratings.

We work with providers to improve outcomes.

We love being able to match patients with quality providers, but that's not enough. To improve outcomes we look for cases where providers consistently recieve suboptimal ratings, and we work with them to ensure they have resources and education for the next time.